Hello again!

It's been a while, but I have not forgotten this! There are a few reasons for the lack of updates, but I'm back to work on the game. I've started to add in sound effects and music, rewrote the beginning, and added in more gameplay. Still a very short demo, but we're getting there. A CG has also been added, but it's mostly a placeholder for now until I get the artwork, being provided by the awesome Sarah Stovalosky, who will be responsible for creating Zeb's artwork.

Plans for the next update will be to finally introduce Niron, and then start to really get into the story. Hopefully it won't take as long as this one. I should have it done before, but just in case, I will be tabling at FlameCon (table A6A.) If the next update's not out by then, please feel free to stop by and yell at me. If it is out by then, please feel free to stop by and yell at me to work on the rest of it more. Either way, anyone who stops by will receive a free Shadowburg sticker!


Demo for Mac 50 MB
Jul 29, 2018
Demo for Windows 67 MB
Jul 29, 2018

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